1C:Retail Chain

1C:Retail Chain fully automates management processes in stores and the chains:

  • Manage information in detail such as entities, shops, warehouses, goods, customers, loyalty cards ...
  • Automate operations: purchasing, marketing program, warehouse optimization, intuitive retail interface, diverse reports, multiple utilities, remote access via internet.
  • Synchronize data, inventory in real time, within stores and chains
  • Expand the business anytime, without affecting user data access speed.
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1C:Retail Chain is used to automate operations at stores, supermarkets in the retail chain: groceries, fashion, shoes, bookstores, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, .... There are many selling points all over Vietnam provinces. Integrade 1C: Retail Chain with back-office management system, transfer all data from the sales system to the accounting system to make reports and print books in accordance with Vietnamese accounting standards. Meet the need for further expansion of the business.

Standard package

1C:Retail Chain is provided in the form of a package, which includes all the features: import, turnover, inventory management, sales, cost calculation, gross profit, so most of cases can be applied immediately and quickly used.

Customize package

1C:Retail Chain allows customizing the requirements of businesses to use immediately, during deployment and operation later. Quick customization and sustainable development according to the needs of the business.

Advanced package

1C is ready to support and advise businesses to build a retail system suitable for specific processes, and at the same time meet all administration and management needs in order to improve business efficiency


Detailed information of the catalog: goods, shops, warehouses, customer cards, partners ... Full range of modules: administration, purchasing, warehousing, marketing, sales, finance

Sales Management

Goods & Inventory Management

Report System

Procurement & Purchasing

Marketing Management


Not only adapts every Retail’s activity, the solution brings outstanding benefits for enterprises to have sustainable development as well as competitive advantages optimization

Smart Usage

1C:Retail Chain is a foreign solution fully translated into Vietnamese, using unicode encoding, organizing multiple layers of lists, a powerful search mechanism that fully meets the management features of a specialized software.

Modern worldwide technology

The solution is developed on the basis of 1C:Enterprise specialized in automation software design and enterprise management with open logic structure and regularly updated with the most advanced technology in the world; the best solution operates in multi-platform environment, regardless of the service provider.


A key advantage of 1C Solutions is 1C:Enterprise platform. It not only brings outstanding experience for users to work on an open platform but also creates a synergy between various 1C solutions. Based on that, businesses can have sustainable development without overlapping functions and conflicts in communication.

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