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Offering 1000+ software solutions on 95+ countries, 1C confidently ensure enterprises solve any problems and issues related to management and businesses of enterprise. In Vietnam, 07 software solutions are translated into Vietnamese as well as comply the countries' regulations and policies.

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  • 1C:Document Management
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1C:Company Management

1C:Company Management helps enterprises control and manage business processes, provides transparency for operations and shows new opportunities for growth and development.

A business software solution with flexible features which automates enterprises’ management activities in different sizes and models. The solution has excellent functions to support management, control, analysis and planning. It is suitable and can customize for specific industry and business needs to ensure the most convenient for the work of user.

The solution is designed to fit with actual needs of users. Hence, enterprises can easily expand their system in long-term plan. In short-term, the solution is essential for improving performance.

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    1C:Document Management

    1C:Document Management is a solution for automating and convert digital documents & Control jobs anytime anywhere on different devices, in order to optimize processes, road-map for approval conditions by financial limits or management levels, structured and unstructured centralized information storage of enterprises.

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      A flexible ERP solution to empower enterprises to meet digital business challenges and enhance competitive advantage in the technological era.

      • Complete automation of all processes, activities and workflows
      • Intuitive dashboard to control and manage every aspect of businesses
      • Transparent business with goals concentration

      1C:Trade Management

      1C:Trade Management is a highly automated software solution of professional such as process control, analysis and planning, and a reporting system to ensure effective enterprise management

      • Two options: On-Premise or Cloud
      • Two languages support: Vietnamese & English
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      1C:Finance & Accounting

      1C:Finance & Accounting is an advance accounting software which brings automatic solutions for accounting management and tax accounting.

      • Covering all accounting management & tax accounting functions, regards to Vietnamese policies & regulations
      • Executing multiple enterprises' accounting in only one database
      • Accquiring all major activities and functions for enterprises' accounting perspective
      • Integrating a diversified electrical bill network
      • Friendly user interface (Vietnamese language; Customizable)
      • Offering On-premise and Cloud version
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      Although developed based on 1C:Enterprise, Accounting Suite is directly developed to follow Vietnamese Accounting Standards as well as 132/2018/TT-BTC; 133/2016/TT-BTC; 200/2014/TT-BTC Circulars of Vietnamese Ministry of Finance. The software also guides users to perform enterprises' accounting which includes all functions of Accounting activities anf Finance Report, especially, management reports are allowed to freely customize for different needs and purposes

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      1C:Retail Chain

      1C:Retail Chain fully automates management processes in stores and the chains:

      • Manage information in detail such as entities, shops, warehouses, goods, customers, loyalty cards ...
      • Automate operations: purchasing, marketing program, warehouse optimization, intuitive retail interface, diverse reports, multiple utilities, remote access via internet.
      • Synchronize data, inventory in real time, within stores and chains
      • Expand the business anytime, without affecting user data access speed.
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      1C:HRM & Payroll

      Modern, flexible, worldwide Human Resource Management Solution  

      1C: HRM & Payroll  optimizes recent business demand, at the same time more transcendentally, it orients the user to modern and effective human resource management to the future trend of developed countries.

      • Dynamic organization structure: Group/Corporation, Branch, Department, Division, Section, Team…
      • Dynamic current legal parameters: the common/regional minimum wage, deduction rate of insurance, PIT…
      • Dynamic salary formula: flexible setting of formula
      • Dynamic printing templates: decisions, contracts...
      • Dynamic report template
      • Dynamic email template
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