1C:Finance & Accounting

1C:Finance & Accounting is an advance accounting software which brings automatic solutions for accounting management and tax accounting.

  • Covering all accounting management & tax accounting functions, regards to Vietnamese policies & regulations
  • Executing multiple enterprises' accounting in only one database
  • Accquiring all major activities and functions for enterprises' accounting perspective
  • Integrating a diversified electrical bill network
  • Friendly user interface (Vietnamese language; Customizable)
  • Offering On-premise and Cloud version
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1C:Finance & Accounting diversifies finance and accounting capabilities of management, observation and execution for varius departments as well as multiple identities all in one database. Therefore, the solution can be optimized its ability by medium and large enterprises who have complex model of subsidiaries.

Standard package

Allows users to fully manage finance and accounting of the organization and its subsidiaries with all required functions.

Customize package

Based on specific management of the enterprise, the system allows customizing to enable/disable features in accordance with the requirements of the business, especially, outstanding with the ability to customize the system from user authorized interface.

Advance package

1C Vietnam development team is ready to build sustainable and scalable system in accordance with the specific business processes, satisfying all finance and accounting management processes, any business issues of all specific departments and sectors, including IFRS, Budgeting, Procurement and Contract Management, Business Analysis and BSC.


1C:Fiance & Accounting accquires all major activities and functions for enterprises' accounting and finance perspective

Cash Management

Sales & Receivables

Inventory & B.O.M Management

Production Management & Costing

Closing Entries

Cost Estimation Management

Purchasing & Payables

Assets Management

HRM & Payroll

Reporting System


Not only covers all Finance & Accounting activitíe, 1C:Finance & Accounting brings outstanding benefits for enterprises to have sustainable development as well as competitive advantages optimization

Specific accounting system for each legal identity

In only one database, enterprises is allowed to choose between various accounts. Each account can determine different input values

Modern worldwide technology

The solution is developed on the basis of 1C: Enterprise specialized in automation software design and enterprise management with open logic structure and regularly updated with the most advanced technology in the world; the best solution operates in multi-platform environment, regardless of the service provider.


A key advantage of 1C Solutions is 1C:Enterprise platform. It not only brings outstanding experience for users to work on an open platform but also creates a synergy between various 1C solutions. Based on that, businesses can have sustainable development without overlapping functions and conflicts in communication.

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